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Why sponsor
MiNaPAD 2019?

MiNaPAD is organized by IMAPS France. As an independent, non-profit organization, IMAPS' mission is to promote innovation and knowledge exchange among professionals working in the fields of microelectronics and semiconductor packaging.


By sponsoring MiNaPAD, your company will show its engagement for innovation and support for the European industry. By attending the event, your company’s engineers and scientists will have a unique opportunity for learning and brainstorming. MiNaPAD is a great way for engineers, marketers, scientists and students to understand the « state-of-the-art » and to trigger new ideas.


MiNaPAD 2019
sponsorship levels


Gold Sponsorship       

       - € 5,000 or higher


Gold sponsors can subsidize

w   the welcome reception

w   cocktail and buffet

w   the gala dinner

w   the auditorium venue

w   a conference lunch              


Silver Sponsorship

     - € 2,500 or higher


Silver sponsors can subsidize

w happy hour cocktail

w conference room venue


Bronze sponsorship

     - € 1,000 or higher


Bronze sponsors can subsidize

w a coffee break

w a breakfast buffet

w « goodies » such as necklaces, USB keys, bags, notepads, pens

w best student paper award

w best poster award

IMAPS pledges to make

MiNaPAD 2019 sponsors



  - Posters recognizing the sponsors and the sponsorship level to be placed at conference registration and exhibition areas

- Company logos and sponsorship level will be displayed on the conference program, handouts and leaflets.

- Company logos will be printed on the « goodies » (bags, notepads, pens, USB keys,…)

- Sponsorships relating to catering or venue (lunches, coffee breaks, gala dinner, breakfast buffet, auditorium and rooms) will be promoted with signs on the tables or a poster at the room entrance mentioning « …. Offered by …. » or « … sponsored by ... » with the sponsor logo