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From Nano to Micro Power Electronics

And Packaging Workshop

October the 11th and 12th, 2017

Tours, France



Technical Committee: Stéphane BELLENGER, éolane, France – General Chairman

Daniel ALQUIER, Greman Laboratory, France - Chairman

Christophe SERRE, ST Microelectronics, France - Chairman

Nicolas VIVET, ST Microelectronics, France – SAM3 Programme coordinator

Lars BOETTCHER, Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Germany

Cyril BUTTAY, Ampère Laboratory, France

Jean-Luc DIOT, Minapack, France

Guo-Quan LU, Virginia Tech, USA

Jürgen SCHUDERER, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland

Sébastien JACQUES, Greman Laboratory, France





8h30 Workshop package and badge distribution

9h30 Welcome: workshop programme presentation

10h00 SAM3 conference introduction:

“Growing importance of assembly and packaging” K. Pressel, Infineon.


11h00 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition

11h30 Failure Analysis Session

11h30 “CIVA, a promising simulation software for acoustic microscopy applications”, P. Serre, Predictive Image.


12h00 Table Top Exhibition visit

12h30 Lunch (Buffet)


13h30 Failure Analysis Session

13h30 ”Defect localization in 3D System-in-Packages based on Lock-in-Thermography and GHz- Scanning Acoustic Microscopy”, F. Altmann, FWMH-CAM.

14h00 ”Complex Package Failure Analysis Flow Enablers and Accelerators”, A. Reverdy, Sector Technology.

14h30 ”Combined preparation flow of high precision laser tool with Plasma-FIB for SiP failure”, F. Felux, Infineon.


15h00 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition


15h15 Failure Analysis Session

15h15 ”Latest development for failure analysis – When ions meet chemistry”, G. Goupil, Tescan, Orsay-Physics


16h00 End of session


9h00 Workshop package and badge distribution


9h30 Welcome: Second day workshop programme presentation

9h45 Keynotes:

Additive Manufacturing of Power Electronics Magnetics”, Guo-Quan Lu, VirginiaTech USA


10h30 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition


11h00 Session Materials, Processes & Technologies

11h00 “Investigation on Cu-Sn inter-diffusion for power semi-conductor packaging”, Yousra Bettahi, ST Microelectronics Tours, France

11h25 “Hybrid silver sintering die-attach paste for multi-die packaging of mid-power solutions”, Alexandre Val, ASE Europe, Bruxelles, Belgium

11h50 “Reliability analysis of Cu-Sn intermetallic joints elaborated at low temperature by transient Liquid Phase Bonding Process”, Jean-Luc Diot, Composite Innovation, Pessac, France


12h15 Table Top Exhibition visit

13h00 Lunch (Buffet)


14h00 Keynotes:

“Panel Level Packaging for Power Applications”, Rolf Aschenbrenner, IZM Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany


14h45 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition


15h15 Session Materials, Processes & Technologies

15h15 “Fine Pitch Solder Bumping by Printing through Dry Film Photo Resist”, Gabriel Parès, CEA-Leti, Grenoble, France

15h40 “Bipolar Step-up Converter with MPPT for Thermal Energy Harvesting Systems”, Loreto Mateu, Fraunhofer Institute, Nurembung, Germany

16h05 “Shielding’s effect of radiating components”, Zana Kari, Greman institute, Tours, France


16h30 End of session