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Down load technical programme


From Nano to Micro Power Electronics

And Packaging Workshop

November the 8th, 2018

Tours, France





Technical Committee: Stéphane BELLENGER, éolane, France – General Chairman

Daniel ALQUIER, Greman Laboratory, France - Chairman

Christophe SERRE, ST Microelectronics, France - Chairman

Lars BÖTTCHER, Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Germany

Cyril BUTTAY, Ampère Laboratory, France

Guillaume CALLERANT, Sonceboz S.A., Switzerland

Jean-Luc DIOT, Minapack, France

Marc DUCHOSSOY, Thales Group, France

Sébastien JACQUES, Greman Laboratory, France

Guo-Quan LU, Virginia Tech, USA

Jürgen SCHUDERER, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland