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IMAPS France vous présente ses meilleurs voeux pour 2018

Who We Are...


Welcome to the IMAPS France


IMAPS - International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society - is a global community of microelectronic related engineers, scientists, manufacturers, end-users and supply chain companies.

 The Society aims to support the development and growth of the Microelectronics and related industries, and to aid the transfer of knowledge and information. This is achieved through networking, seminars, workshops, short courses, publications, webinars and websites.

Members benefit from access to business networking and events at a reduced rate; technical information & receive society newsletters and other publications. IMAPS is the largest Microelectronic Packaging Society in the World !

 IMAPS-France (French chapter) is a non-profit organization with 200 members in 2017 from 110 companies or institutes in France and neighbouring countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Spain, Portugal). IMAPS-France is one out of the 30 IMAPS chapters throughout the World.

To that end, we organize events each year. In 2018, in French OR English language, these are namely:



We will be glad to see you join us for one of these events.

Bulletin d'adhésion IMAPS FRANCE




Upcoming Events:


The 13th  European Advanced Technology Workshop on Micropackaging and Thermal management will be held on January 31 and February 1, 2018.
        More than ever thermal management remains a crucial constraint in packaging at all levels, in industry technology roadmaps worldwide In particular, the development of the future more electrical aircraft with an installed power of 10 MegaWatts, i.e. an amount 10 times higher than in current commercial aircrafts requires solutions at component packaging level, at PCB level, at equipment level, at system level and at aircraft level. Whatever its place in the industrial scheme may be, every engineer will have a big role to play and will have to be supported by a strong theoretical background provided by Universities.
        I hope that the will of sharing experience, technical issues and roadmaps will make this workshop as interesting as the twelve past ones.

        Jean-Yves SOULIER - Zodiac Aerospace - IMAPS France VP




IMAPS-France Micro/Nano-electronics Packaging and Assembly, Design and manufacturing Forum. MiNaPAD Conference is the major electronics packaging, interconnection and integration conferences of France, and will be held at the WTC (World Trade Center) Grenoble, 16Th 17th Mayl 2018.